The Villain Wants to Live Chapter 11

Heya everyone!

So… I made stupid mistake.

The big mistake of trusting something like microsoft word.

The file I kept my translations in ended up corrupted…. What a way to go huh?

So instead this is the chapter ChubbyCheeks did with a few edits to keep it kind of consistant…. CC did give permission to use her translation… Still check out their stuff! They are a great person!

So well… Give me some time to fix this…. if not…. this mass release might be cut short, cause after the talk I had with this other translation group I kind of lost all my motivation….

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9 thoughts on “The Villain Wants to Live Chapter 11

  1. Love the novel and your translation is great. Sorry to hear about the corrupted save. Don’t let translating be a chore, if you feel burned out then take a break if you need it. We can wait.

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  2. No problem, actually i also already have a copy of 11 to 13 from hungry translation CC..
    I just checked here coz the other term and here is different.

    Take your time, evil smirk to other reader.. xD

    Btw did you try salvaging the translation using some app or online thing in internet?
    Maybe it will help.

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    1. I will try that T-T If all things fail I’ll just translate it again… It’s just two chapters… also I believe CC made a little mistake. There are two chapter 11 and no ch 12


      1. I was wondering about that also, seems the lecture didn’t happen, but you can still infer what happen in c12 after reading the 13.


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